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  Sources of our demo tools 2001-2011 released
We decided to release the source of all our demo tools (and thus demos).

Just point your attention to https://github.com/farbrausch/fr_public

Excerpt from the README:
This is it. Pretty much a history of Farbrausch tools 2001-2011. We've been meaning to release all this for ages, in various forms, and always ended up not doing it because "we'd just have to clean it up a bit first...".

No more. This is *not* cleaned up. This is the raw deal, some from old hard drives, some fresh from various SVN repositories. This is code written for a bunch of different versions of Visual Studio. Some of it is really tricky to compile, some really easy. There's some nice clean stuff there, other parts are just a complete mess.

All of this is released either under a BSD license or put in the public domain (stated per project). Not that you're likely to want to use most of this code, but if you want to, we see no reason to keep you.

There's still some stuff missing (most prominently Werkkzeug 4) but we'll add this in the near future.

Have fun!

added on the 2012-04-17 by kb 

  welcome to the new homepage of farbrausch!
here you can find all farbrausch productions and many non-farbrausch productions by farbrausch members, well linked and ready for you to comment on.

virtually everything on this site can be downloaded for free and then run for your entertainment. many productions feature a video link if you don't like starting programs from the internet on your computer.

added on the 2009-11-01 by chaos 

  wait... demo group? what?
we are a group of people participating in the so called demo scene. if
you want to know what this is all about, how about visiting
http://demoscene.info/ where most of your questions should be answered.

added on the 2009-11-05 by chaos 

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