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fr-minus-07: we cell out by  farbrausch
platform :
type :
release date :2005-12-29
made using :altona
kbmusic, code
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added on the 2009-11-01 by ryg 

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farbrausch PROUDLY presents: we cell by KEWLERS, cracked and trained by giZMo, RYG, ACRYD, WAYFINDER, MELWYN, DRAGO ...
trainer +2: improved TEXTOVERLAYS for pirated version!!!
unlimited LIVES!!!!
hottest party WAREZ live from TUM 2005 fast CODING competition
now see this HOT SHIT!
MELWYN wanted to give us the sources but we are 1337 and DECLINED! this is PURE H4x0R POWER only by farbrausch!
credits FOR this intro: code CHAOS, graphics DEEKAY, music & synth by KB
and ALWAYS remember: farbrausch is DEAD!

(you may press escape now.) (tobi, damit bist du gemeint)
this is CHAOS typing. I wanted to quit the cracktro right NOW but KB ensisted on his drum solo.
HE explained that it is a shame that his fabulous SYNTH can not produce correct C64 noise, this is more like ATARI ST. but RYG helped him understand the details of NOISE synthesis and now it is clear to him how he would have to improve his CODE for real BROTKASTEN sound.

YOU might be wondering why i am using CAPITALS in such an incosistent way, but it is only because his SCROLLER handles all CAPS LETTERS with a special code. this can be best observed by watching ReAlyLoNgWoRdSiNmIxEdCaPs.

i actually just OPTIMISED this scroller. I didn't plan it to be that long, but now i realise that it is not good to paint EVERY character EVERY frame.

we are already a little bit LATE so i have to finish this NOW. see you later!

what a FUNNY little dancing BOX. here is ANOTHER:
originally it was a bug, I use sizeof(scroller) to see how many letters there are and forgot that this includes the trailing ZERO. of course i realised can also use '\0' for this and now i can have these boxes EVERYWHERE. but anyway, HERE is the REAL END of this SCROLLER
(in CASE you have not noticed, this scroller does NOT loop)
(WHAT! the MUSIC does not loop TOO! why am i TYPING all this SHIT?)

added on the 2009-11-03 by chaos 

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if you ever try to make a screenshot, please don't use FRAPS :-)

added on the 2009-11-03 by chaos 
cracktro, kewlers, ### illegal copyright infringlement ###

added on the 2009-11-11 by Solo2 
He he.

added on the 2012-04-27 by nbl}l{ 

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