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 Smash Designs
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HiFi 8032 graphics, code, direction
black graphics, code, direction
fr-03: monochromie ist nichts direction, code, graphics
fr-minus-01 code, graphics
fr-04: hinein in farbe und form code, direction, graphics
fr-05: konsum lyrics, graphics, code
fr-06: black 2000 direction, graphics
fr-08: .the .product code
fr-09: goldrausch graphics, direction
fr-047: malpasset graphics, code, direction
fr-minus-03: farbomat music
fr-minus-03.2: rausch-o-mat music
fr-minus-06: ghettorocker code, direction
fr-minus-08: funky bitch music
fvs32 code
Second Reality 64 graphics
1st Demo II code
Event Horizon graphics

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