i am felix bohmann, or yoda/farbrausch in the demoscene context, currently residing in bullenkuhlen, germany. (thats on the outskirts of hamburg).

things i do include:

abraum studio and synth service (instagram)
farbrausch demo group

my social presence at this time includes friendica, scenecity, instagram and twitter

if you want to contact me directly, you can use email, sms, imessage, signal or threema. find the number and address at the end of this post.

while i still have an account there, i am no longer actively sharing stuff on facebook, facebook messenger and whatsapp for data ownership, mental health and general sanity reasons, and i urge you to leave those manipulative, bad places behind as well. if we are somewhat connected and you are interested in finding a home in the fediverse, you can most probably join our friendica instance and check out a much different web of social micro networks.


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