i am felix bohmann, or yoda/farbrausch in the demoscene, currently living in bullenkuhlen, germany. (thats 25 kilometers north of hamburg).

things i do include:

providing professional imdapertmation services since '23

abraum studio, synth service and somewhat fablab. (pixelfed, instagram)
farbrausch demo group.

my social presence at this time: mastodon, friendica, peertube, pixelfed, bluesky, scenecity, facebook, instagram and chitter

if you want to contact me directly, you can use my socials, email, sms, imessage, signal or threema. please do not call me, unless it is really urgent.

while i still have accounts there, i am no longer actively sharing stuff on facebook, facebook messenger, whatsapp, telegramm, twitter and instagram for data ownership, mental health and general sanity reasons.

if we are somewhat connected and you are interested in finding a home in the fediverse, you can most probably join one or many of our own services:

abraum.social (mastodon)
social.abraum.de (friendica)
video.abraum.de (peertube)
pixels.abraum.de (pixelfed)

check out a much different web of interconnected social micro networks. the future of the internet is federated and selfhosted. (and possibly a series of tubes...)


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